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A Guide to Rebuilding Your Social Life After Divorce

Posted by Robert Luttrell | Oct 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

There are many ways in which a divorce is likely to impact your life, including changes in relationships and friendships. After your divorce, it is important to reconnect with the outside world. Many people lose touch with friends during their divorce. This can be owed to the emotional difficulty and hardship of the divorce process, or the busy schedule a divorce required. Whatever the reason, when your divorce is behind you it is crucial that you reconnect with others in order to maintain and establish meaningful friendships.

Rebuilding your social life after divorce is a good way to ensure you have a support system behind you and people to talk to. In order to begin this process, maintain the friendships you already have. These relationships are likely the ones closest to you who helped you through your divorce and acted as your cheerleaders and supporters. Keep these relationships healthy and make sure they understand how much you value their friendship.

You might also want to reconnect with old friends. Some of your friendships might have been mutual friends you shared with your ex-spouse, but don't let that deter you. If they were once your friends, chances are they can be again. Sometimes it may take time for these friendships to flourish again, so be patient and understanding.

Also, consider your new options. There are divorce groups out there that can offer support as you dive into your newly single life. At these groups, you could also begin building new friendships with those who understand where you are coming from. You might also consider new opportunities to branch out. Try volunteering, joining an adult sports league, a book club, a gym, or some other new activity that you are interested in. Not only is this good for your own personal growth, but this can also help you network with new people.

However you choose to socialize, avoid isolating yourself. It can be tempting sometimes, as you deal with the anger and sorrow from your divorce, to find the desire to get back out in the world. However, getting out there is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

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