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Visitation Attorney in Cleburne & Johnson County

Working to Preserve Your Relationship with Your Children

After a separation or divorce, the conditions of visitation will be clearly expressed in the final divorce decree or agreement. The agreement will map out whether legal or full custody is given and include the schedule for visitations by the non-custodial parent. If you are dealing with an uncooperative ex-spouse who is not adhering to the court-mandated visitation schedule or if you want guidance as you request a visitation schedule, the Johnson County family law attorney at the Law Office of Robert E. Luttrell can review your case and provide the insightful representation you need.

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How Our Cleburne Divorce & Family Law Firm Can Help

Over the course of his professional career, Robert E. Lutrell has helped many parents maintain strong relationships with their children. He knows that your children are precious, as is your time with them as a parent. One of the most rewarding aspects of the work our firm does is being able to see you and your family enjoy a happy, healthy life. When you retain our counsel, you will receive focused and detail-oriented legal representation that pursues the best outcome for your family.

Altering Your Visitation

If your schedule has changed due to your work, personal life, or another factor, you might be seeking to make an adjustment to your visitation plan to ensure you are spending time with your children. If you are relocating, you will also need to revise your existing visitation and/or custody plans. Our firm can help parents appeal to the court in order to make a reasonable adjustment to their visitation schedule.

Our child custody lawyer in Cleburne, Robert E. Luttrell can meet with you to thoroughly discuss what your goals for visitation are and develop an effective strategy based on this.

Violations of Child Custody & Visitation Orders

If a parent is refusing to follow the court's visitation mandates, punishments the court could:

  • Motivate the parent to adhere to the court's decision
  • Place the parent in contempt of court
  • Place the parent on probation
  • Sentence the parent to jail time

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Initial Consultation

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to make the legal process as smooth for you as possible, helping you find cost-effective, swift results so you can successfully move forward. This means our Cleburne family law attorney can help you build a tailored strategy for the here and now, a legal strategy that can help you reach a satisfactory solution for the long term.

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