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Cleburne Criminal Defense Attorney

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in Johnson County Texas

If you have been accused of committing a drug crime, you could be facing serious charges at the local, state, or even federal level. While classifications of drug crimes vary, it is essential to your defense that you retain a Johnson County drug crime attorney who has the experience to handle your case at any level. At the Law Office of Robert E. Luttrell, our Cleburne criminal defense lawyer has established a proven track record of results over the course of his career.

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In Texas, you can be charged with many different drug crimes including:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Selling to a minor
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Understanding the Complex Texas Drug Laws

Different drugs fall into different schedules of drugs and can carry varying consequences depending on the type of crime committed. For example, illegal possession of a prescription drug may carry lesser penalties than selling cocaine.

An example of the federal drug scheduling:

    • Schedule I drugs - PCP, Marijuana
    • Schedule II drugs - Methamphetamine, cocaine, hydrocodone
    • Schedule III drugs - Morphine, anabolic steroids
    • Schedule IV drugs - Valium, Xanax
    • Schedule V drugs - Opium, codeine

When the court is considering possible penalties for an accused drug crime, your criminal history will likely play a factor, such as any former drug charges. Should the Law Office of Robert E. Luttrell accept your case, we will begin to develop an aggressive legal strategy based on thorough investigation and understanding of the law.

Facing Criminal Charges? Get Trusted Defense Today.

Robert E. Luttrell has a proven and accomplished career as defense and trial attorney in the Air Force. In fact, Mr. Luttrell has been recognized by the Judge Advocate of the Air Force as one of the top litigators in the Air Force and was even named as one of the Air Force's best defense and trial attorneys. With this track record of results, our Cleburne drug crime lawyer could represent you at the state or federal level with a dynamic legal strategy.

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