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One of the potentially frustrating and contentious points of a child custody or visitation matter can include relocation. This means that a parent wants to relocate to a different area, which is common after a divorce. While some minor moves won't impact a custody / visitation agreement, when a relocation involves a larger distance, it can create disputes and require court approval. Additionally, this drastic change in lifestyles for the parents and the children can be stressful for everyone involved. You need committed and seasoned legal navigation through this process. Our staff at the Law Office of Robert E. Luttrell can develop an assertive and dynamic legal plan to resolve your relocation matter while protect your and your child's best interests. We provide thorough counsel to help clients facing simple to complex modification issues.

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Relocation After a Divorce or Separation

In some child custody plans and agreements, a parent could be restricted from relocating to a new geographic location. Although there might not be any restrictions on a parent moving, you can still pursue action with the court in order to keep your children located near you. If you are the parent considering moving, it's critical that you provide the other parent with a reasonable amount of notice prior to moving. Whether you are staying or moving, it can be crucial to retain an experienced Johnson County child custody attorney who can provide you with effective legal counsel.

When pursuing a relocation, you may be required to demonstrate a compelling reason such as:

  • Moving close to other family members
  • Work relocation
  • Educational opportunities
  • Health reasons
  • Affordable housing or living
  • Incidents of domestic violence by other parent

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While the court considers a number of factors when reviewing relocation, the best interests of the child and their relationship with the non-custodial parent will be heavily considered. If a relocation were to cause harm to that relationship, the court may not be willing to grant approval for such a move. At the Law Office of Robert E. Luttrell, our experienced Johnson county child custody lawyer can provide you with a dynamic legal counsel during this time. You can trust our firm to uphold your interests and ensure your relocation matter is handled smoothly. 

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