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Learn more about Attorney at Law, Robert E. Luttrell III

Attorney Robert E. Luttrell III is a dedicated attorney who has years of experience in various types of law including family, divorce, child custody, criminal defense, business and civil law. Before starting his own practice, Mr. Luttrell worked for the prestigious law firm, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, PC. He worked in the litigation section where his primary practice dealt with employment and construction law matters. Mr. Luttrell also handled an array of other business and complex civil law cases.

Prior to joining Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, Mr. Luttrell spent nearly 10 years as an Active Duty Air Force JAG where he practiced criminal law and prosecution. Robert E. Luttrell III tried numerous felony cases throughout Europe and the Middle East during his last assignment with the JAG Corp. In 2007, Mr. Luttrell was recognized by The Judge Advocate of the Air Force as one of the Air Force's top litigators. During Mr. Luttrell's service with the Air Force, he also spent two years as a criminal defense attorney where he represented Air Force members in a variety of criminal matters. Due to his outstanding track record, Mr. Luttrell was named one of the Air Force's best defense attorneys in the year 2002.

Robert E. Luttrell III is able to parlay his extensive prosecution experience into powerful criminal defense strategies and use his years of court room experience to help divorce, family law, and civil law clients. Because of his extensive experience, he is able to offer dynamically effective legal counsel in all areas including divorcefamily lawchild custodycriminal defense, and civil law cases requiring a strong trial attorney.

In addition to his hands-on experience as both a criminal defense attorney and prosecutor, Robert E. Luttrell has done contract litigation work during his time with JAG. Here, he practiced commercial and residential litigation and other complex civil litigation. Mr. Luttrell was involved in several high profile cases developing the expertise to offer sound business counsel. Now as an attorney experienced in all aspects of law, Mr. Luttrell puts his experience to work for his clients. With well over 130 trials by jury both criminal and civil in nature, he is excellently positioned to offer superior legal counsel with a proven track record of results. Mr. Luttrell has a rich and varied litigation background that allows him to offer legal counsel in virtually every area of law. He accepts clients throughout Texas including Cleburne, TX, Burleson, TX, Keller, TX, Crowley, TX, Fort Worth, TX and Tarrant and Johnson Counties. If you are in need of a powerful criminal defense, divorce, family lawyer, personal injury lawyer or any other type of criminal or civil lawyer, Mr. Robert E. Luttrell III is the optimal choice.

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