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Traffic Tickets

I appeal traffic citations (tickets) for all of Johnson County, including
Burleson. I do not appeal tickets in other counties.

Attorney Fees:

$100.00 for all citations / FTAs in Court of Record (Burleson, Grandview, Alvarado)
per ticket
$100.00 for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance) tickets
$75.00 for Failure to Appear (FTA) - issued when you have not appeared in Court or appealed your ticket by the date listed on your ticket
$75.00 to have a warrant lifted (issued at the Municipal Court's discretion, after a failure to appear

If you would like for me to appeal your ticket, please come by the office and bring the following items with you: your ticket, your drivers' license, your fee (see above). I will have you fill out an information sheet, sign an Appeal Bond and complete a Power of Attorney (POA). The POA will allow me to appear for you in Court. You will not have to attend Court.

If you bring the ticket to my office on the date you are scheduled to appear in Court, I can fax the Appeal Bond to the Municipal Court. This will prevent the Court from issuing a FTA and/or a warrant.

If a FTA has already been issued, faxing the Appeal Bond will prevent a warrant from being issued.

If a warrant has been issued, upon receipt of the Appeal Bond, the Court will withdraw the warrant.

The ticket(s) are appealed to the Johnson County Court at Law. It will take approximately 30 to 60 days for the County Court to set a court date for your appeal hearing. At the hearing, I will try my best to get the ticket dismissed. If a dismissal is not granted, the Court will normally rule for Deferred Adjudication. This is a probationary period (normally 90 days) wherein you must not receive another ticket in Johnson County. If you do not receive another ticket during that period, your ticket will be dismissed and will not appear on your driving record, which will keep your insurance rates from being raised.

**** You will receive a notice from the Court stating that you must appear in court on your court date. However, because you have signed a POA, you are not required to appear in court. I will appear for you.

After I have appeared in court for you, you will receive a letter from myffice summarizing what happened. If your ticket was dismissed, there will be no court costs or fines and the ticket will not appear on your driving record.

If you receive Deferred Adjudication, your letter will state the fine amount and court costs set by the Judge at your hearing. Fines and court costs must be paid to the Court by the last day of your deferred adjudication period (this date will be stated in your letter).

If you do not receive another ticket during your deferral period and you pay your fine and court costs in full by the due date, your ticket will be dismissed and will not appear on your driving record.

*** NOTE: The fine amount set by the Municipal Court will normally be reduced by half when appealed to the County Court at Law. Court costs are determined by the Judge at the hearing.